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Discussing the genre rock in Indonesia is incomplete without mentioning Koil. The band, which was formed in Bandung in 1993, has indeed become one of the legends of metal music in the country and still has many active militant fans. Although their journey was not smooth at the beginning of their musical career, now they have succeeded in raising their name in the Indonesian music scene.

Koil is an Indonesian industrial metal band from Bandung. The coil stands in an R.M. formation. Julius “Otong” Aryo Verdijantoro (vocals, guitar), R.M. Donnijantoro (guitar, backing vocals), Leon Ray Legoh (drums), F.X. Adam “Vladvamp” Joswara (bass, backing vocals, synthesizer), and Ibrahim Nasution (guitar, bass). You could say, Koil is the first Indonesian band that regularly engages in the flow of industrial metal and remains consistent with this genre until now.

Leon Ray Legoh (Koil) dan Rashi Bintang (JUNIORROCKSTAR)

In the middle of 2020 JUNIORROCKSTAR had the opportunity to collaborate with Koil. Coil allows two artwork design, 'Burline Coil' and 'This is Stupid Country' to be produced by JUNIORROCKSTAR as official merchandise for children aged 1 to 12 years.

This opportunity was obtained apart from the personal reasons of the owner of JUNIORROCKSTAR, but also because of the many requests from fans Koil who already has children.

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